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IVANCIC&SONS – Campaigning for the health of our youngest

To mark the 10 year anniversary of Probiotic’s presence on the market , Ivancic&sons joined the “Battle for the childbirth centers” humanitarian fundraising campaign. Ivancic&sons will donate vital-function monitors for newborns to the Belgrade Mother and Child Institute for Medical Care.

Ivancic and sons have stood in the forefront of the fight for the right to live, and the unhindered growth and development of babies in Serbia, by announcing they will donate two vital-function monitors for newborns (monitoring of EKG+, pulse, pressure, saturation, EtC02) to the Belgrade Mother and Child Institute for Medical Care “Dr. Vukan Čupić”. This critically important monitoring equipment will be donated as part of the “Battle for the childbirth centers” campaign, and the funds for these will be obtained by accumulating 10 dinars off of each sale of a Probiotic pack.

“Instead of simply organizing a celebratory party, in coherence with our business motto which, above all, includes caring for the health and wellbeing of our fellow citizens, we decided to donate a part of our incomes to those who need help most. We were informed that the Belgrade Mother and Child Institute for Medical Care was in urgent need of vital function monitors for newborns, and promptly chose to provide this equipment for them. At the same time this is an almost symbolic donation, because of the number, and a fine and humane way to mark the 10 year anniversary of or product.”

Also in attendance at the press conference was Prof. Dr. Radovan Bogdanović, the director of the Mother and Child Institute for Medical Care. He thanked Ivancic&sons for the company’s contribution to the efforts to maintain and improve on the health and safety of our youngest compatriots.

Securing funds by separating a part of the profit gained from each Probiotic sold, Ivancic&sons have provided the public with an opportunity to, in a indirect way, take part in the “Battle for the childbirth centers” fundraising campaign – by both donating and taking care of their health at the same time.

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This year’s (2012-2013) prestigious Suberbrands award, for the pharmaceutical company segment, was awarded to the company Ivancic&sons.

The criteria for being given the SUPERBRANDS SERBIA status are based on the respective brands three main attributes, such as how memorable the brand is, its reputation, consistency, reliability as well as social responsibility.

“The Serbian market knows how to recognize quality, and that’s the reason we are still going strong, constantly evolving for 22 years now.” Said Ivancic&sons co-owner of Dr. Nada Milovanović Ivančić, adding that “Product quality will forever remain a priority, in order to justify the trust of millions of people, both Serbia and beyond - in countries such as Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.”
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Urinal tract infections are one of the most frequent reasons for visitations to your doctor. More than 80% of these infections are caused by the E-coli bacteria. Because of the way their genital tract is built, women are at a much higher risk of infection, and the severely uncomfortable symptoms of the infection can lead to a wide array of discomfort in both social and sexual relations. Around 40% of women suffer from some of these kinds of infections at least once in their lives, and what is most unsettling is the fact that treating these infections usually takes a very long time, as well as the fact that, in 10% of the women, they re-occur.

Keeping these facts in mind, Ivancic and sons have introduced two new urological medicaments, their clinical efficiently and safety proven in many studies worldwide, and which will provide patients with the ability to advance their health, prevent disease and improve their quality of living. The conference moderator was Prof.Dr. Sava Mićić, president of the Serbian Urologist Association. Newsest data pertaining to the treatment and prevention of urinary infections were presented, as well as data on the treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction and impotence.
Prof. Dr Vinka Vukotić, head of the KBC „Dragiša Mišović“ Urology Clinic, spoke of the treatment and prevention of urinary infections. Much discussed were the newest guidelines of the European Urologist Association which, from 2010, suggest the medication Uro-Vaxom as the standard for therapy and prevention of these kinds of infections. Uro-Vaxom is a BAKTERIJSKI LIZAT of E.coli, in capsule form. It stimulates the natural immune system reaction of the organism in the fight against urinary infections and improves the quality of living of sufferers of frequent, repeatative infections of the urinary tract. Prof. Dr Zoran Džamić, director of the Serbian Clinical Center urology clinic, pointed out that Uro-Vaxom reduces the number of recurring urinary infections by 50% and reduces the need and usage of antibiotics when treating these infections by 70%.

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The second part of the expert assembly featured more on the states of being accompanying the reduction of male sexual potency and the possibilities of treating said conditions – considering that almost 20% of the male population from 30 to 80 years of age suffer from these issues. Prof. Dr Goran Marušić further delved into this issue by poiting out that impotence is a serious problem that negatively affects not only the psycho-physical condition of the patient but also their social interactions. Erectile dysfunction therapy poses a significant issue and challenge to modern clinical practice, and the furor that follows any promotional activity for such medication often becomes more of a meda, sociological and psychological phenomenon than a scientific and pharmacological one. Unlike existing erectile dysfunction therapy medication, which work solely by increasing sexual potency, with consistent application the new product Tribestan can increase sexual desire as well, boosting the libido, which is a significant a crucial advantage of this medication. Dr Sanda Popovac further ponts out that Tribestan is a fully natural, herbal product with an excellent safety profile and longterm clinical experience.
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