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Probiokid<sup>®</sup> Immuno<sup>®</sup>
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Probiokid® Immuno®

Ivančić i sinovi

For strengthening the natural defense abilities of the children’s body

ProbioKid immuno is a dietary product which contains carefully balanced blend of 3 soy probiotics and one prebiotic with strong symbiotic activity. It helps restore and maintain the natural balance of the intestinal flora and contributes to strengthening the defense abilities of the body.


ProbioKid immuno is, first of all, a dietary supplement for children, because development and strengthening of the immune system are most intense in the earliest years of life.
It is recommended as a preventive drug for all children, for strengthening the immune system and maintaining general health of the organism. It is especially recommended for children with atopic constitution, children prone to allergies and infections which take antibiotics often as well as for children starting public day care.
Using the ProbioKid immuno is also advised during summer months, when there is a change in diet or surroundings, before and during holidays, when diarrhea and bowels infections are often present. Usage is advised also as an addition to oral antibiotics therapy, since it prevents the disturbance and restores the natural structure and balance of the intestinal microflora.
It can be used during pregnancy in the third trimester, for strengthening the immune system of the mother as well as the baby and it can also be used during breast feeding. For achieving optimal effect, the usual dose is one bag a day, at least 10 days a month.

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