Probiotici kompanije Ivančić i sinovi
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Ivančić i sinovi

Helps restore and maintain the natural balance on the digestion system

Probiotic® is a dietary supplement which enriches intestinal micro flora and contributes to general health and good function of the digestive tract. It contains of carefully balanced mixture of 3 soy probiotic bacteria, common residents of the intestinal microflora.


Probiotic® is recommended to adults and children, especially when there is a higher risk of disturbed natural structure and balance of the microflora, or when there is a need to restore the intestinal microflora which has been disturbed by the activity of various internal and external factors such as increased gastric acid, bile salt, changed or irregular diet, inadequate quality of drinking water, drugs intake, flu and infections, temporary change of residence or climate conditions. Usual dose for adults and children is 1 capsule a day, regardless of meals.

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